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Biofinity XR Toric 6 pk
Biofinity XR Toric 6 pk
Biofinity XR Toric contact lenses are a type of contact lens designed to correct astigmatism in those with higher prescriptions while providing exceptional comfort and clear vision. These lenses are made with a unique material called Aquaform Technology, which allows for high oxygen permeability and moisture retention.

Aquaform Technology is a unique combination of materials that allow for high levels of oxygen to reach the eye, promoting healthy eyes and reducing the risk of eye infections. This technology also helps to retain moisture, keeping the lenses moist and comfortable for extended periods of wear.

Biofinity XR Toric lenses feature a unique design that provides a clear and crisp vision for those with astigmatism and higher prescriptions. The design of these lenses allows for a stable fit, even during movement, which helps to reduce blurriness and distortion.

As with all contact lenses, it is important to follow the recommended wearing schedule and care instructions provided by your eye care professional.

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