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RayBan 4640-V Blk Gray

RayBan 4640-V Blk Gray

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Attention, fashionistas and sun lovers! Are you ready to add a touch of humor to your style? Here I have them: the Ray-Ban RB4640 Polarized 601/M3. They’re not just any sunglasses, they’re the ultimate accessory to look like a movie star on the run from the paparazzi! With Shiny Black Plastic frames more elegant than a gala suit and available at LentesWorld at prices that won’t make your wallet cry.

But that’s not all, these glasses not only protect your precious eyes from those evil UV rays, but they also give you that air of mystery we all desire. And the Gradient Grey Polarized lens color is so versatile that it goes with everything, from a swimsuit to a tuxedo.

They are part of the men’s collection from 2015, because who says we can’t be retro and cool at the same time? Size 50, because in the world of fashion, size does matter. And of course, they are brand new, no second-hand lenses that have seen things you wouldn’t want to know.

Each pair comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you can boast that they are 100% original, directly from the manufacturer. And with a 24-month warranty, because even glasses need life insurance. UPC: 8056597245524, so you can Google it and see that I’m not telling tales.

So now you know, if you want to protect your eyes and at the same time look twice as interesting, these Ray-Bans are your golden ticket to the land of eternal cool! Authenticity and style guaranteed.

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